Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Shitter's full!"

Lesson on this whole toilet/bidet thing.

Bidet, shit sprayer & toilet.
Last night I learned what everything in this picture is.  I found it rather disgusting so I'm sorry if this poo talk makes you lose your appetite. 

We were sitting at Trader Vics enjoying a drink and somehow we got on the topic of bathrooms and poo and how it is different to take a poo in this country.  The water level in the toilets here is much lower than in the States.  There is a little at the bottom of the bowl, which the tubey thing that sucks all the stuff down is a bit deeper than the toilets in the States.  (If you have been overseas you likely know what I'm trying to say).  Anyway - if you don't have perfect pooping aim you will likely get some dooty on the porcelain portion of the toilet.  That being said, the sprayer thing that we are accustomed to having as a kitchen sink accessory is used to spray off the inside of the toilet.  This was news to me - I thought that you used the sprayer thing to spray off your hiney and you do that while hovering over the sink like bidet next to the toilet.  Shocker to me!! 

I was informed by Ben that you are to sit on the bidet much like on the toilet and you turn on the faucet and it is what cleans your hiney - not the power hose.  Ha. 

For the comments that could come from this blog (Marcus!) - NO I have no tried to use any of these extra bathroom accessories.  I just thought I would share this newly learned bit of information with y'all.  I was unaware of how everything worked, so I figured maybe someone else was equally as unaware!