Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Today Ben and I made the trek to IKEA with the K's (Casey and Naomi Koschmeder - the couple previously mentioned).  Ben had been a couple of times last year and picked up necessities for him then, so we don't really need much of anything, but I thought it would be fun to get out of the apartment and do a bit of window shopping.  I had never gone to an IKEA and I think I like it.  Yes, everything there is mass produced and you don't get anything that is one of a kind (I looove antiques), but it is convenient and has so much to choose from!  Plus, they already have every room of a house set up so you can get some great ideas. 

We definitely saw some things that we added to our "when I get a job" list, such as a couch, rug and a lamp or two, but ended up with a couple treasures to take home.  We were in desperate need of a duvet.  The comforter that was provided with Ben's apartment is not very attractive (plain white and gross and doesn't fit in the washer), so we picked out something we both liked.  I of course went right for the floral pink duvet and the pink/white striped duvet, but Ben was not so keen on those.  We ended up choosing a cream colored patterned duvet with a tan back so that you can have it on the bed either way.  It is now washed and in the dryer!  We also picked up another bedside table so that both Ben and I can have a table and a lamp.  We tend to read before bed each night and sometimes one of reads longer than the other, so a lamp on either side is ideal.  A few kitchen things made our goody bag as well - a spatula set (I love baking!), pizza cutter and two wine glasses. 

Currently it is Ramadan so we are not able to eat or drink in public.  Most restaurants or juice/water places are closed during the day until 7 p.m. when Iftar, the breaking of the fast, occurs.  This being said, after IKEA we were all rather hungry, so we headed home.  Ben and I ate some leftovers and watched a few episodes of Friends.  We then decided to take a nap around 4:40 p.m., which Ben is still doing.  He has been unable to shake his cough, so the extra sleep is much needed.  I think in trying to adjust to the time and get up earlier in the day, he is rejecting what his body is telling him it needs to get better - rest. 

Next week will be my official start on the job hunt.  I'm hoping to find something and start around when Ben starts school on September 2nd.  That gives us the rest of his break to do some things around Dubai as well as time for me to adjust a bit more.  It would be awesome if I could find a job close to where a bus or the metro passes so that we don't have to rent/buy a car.  If I am able to get there using public transportation, I think we will stick to not having a car while in Dubai.   Plus, driving in Dubai is crazy.  I don't want to venture into it.  I have heard from multiple people that I will be able to find a job fairly easy.  Let's hope they are right.  Wish me luck!