Monday, November 18, 2013


Miss these beautiful ladies!

  The past few weeks it has been a constant battle to remain in high spirits.  The reason?  Well, there are many: 
(1)  I met some truly amazing people in Dubai and I miss them like crazy.  Since it took time for me to adjust to being abroad and to actually feel happy away from the States, I think I missed out on opportunities to get to know some of the people better.  In my last few months, I really started to open up and form stronger bonds with some of the ladies.  Now seeing their Facebook posts about going and doing things together breaks my heart a little bit.  I want to be with them.  AND I miss Naomi.  Again, I feel as though I missed out on experiences we could have had due to me being a mopey idiot.
(2)  I miss the experience of living abroad.  It has always been a fear of mine to lead a hum-drum life and not be able to regale my future children/grandchildren with stories of my amazing life.  While I know it is ridiculous, I feel as though my life lost its interestingness when we moved back to Iowa. I constanly have to remind myself that we have done some amazing things since our return in July.  We have traveled to Minneapolis, traveled throughout Colorado (where I need to eventually live!), purchased our first house, had some amazing experiences with our wonderful friends, gone to Spring Green for another play, enjoyed time in Galena, spent many hours with my beautiful goddaughter, spent time with our family, etc. 
(3)  I keep thinking about what we were doing at this time last year and see what our Dubai/Panama friends are currently doing and feel like I'm missing out.
(4)  I miss doing new, crazy, weird, never would have done it unless I was abroad things.
(5) This gosh darn weather.  Constant cold, rainy weather is not conducive of warm fuzzy happiness, in my opinion.  OR going to work in the dark and getting home at dark.  UGH.
There are more reasons that I could continue to list, but I think those sum it up quite well. I think this time will be a transition, much like when we first moved to Dubai.  It took me about 6 ish months to really start loving it there, and I need to be patient and realize it might take that much time to adjust back to here.  Now if all of the amazing, wonderful people could please just move in next door, that would be fabulous!!!  :)
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