Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guac Talk

I have recently discovered that I like avocado.  This revelation comes after YEARS of hating it, although I don't think I had legit ever tasted it.  The first time I ever tried avocado was with sushi (it was also my first time of sushi).  The flavor which I disliked in the mix of things was what I now know to be wasabi.  I didn't put this together until trying avocado again this summer when Ben was eating a burger with a ton of guac on it and realized that crap is pretty good. 

To celebrate my new found liking of avocado (growing into love - I still can't get over the fact that I hated it for so long. . . ridiculous) I decided to make my own guac and it turned out superbly!  I definitely cheated - I simply mashed up an avocado and mixed it with salsa - but whatever!  It tastes friggin' delicious!  I highly recommend my incredibly complicated recipe to anyone who wants a quick chip dip.  I used one jar of salsa and one avocado.  Of course if you get a larger jar (mine was one of the medium sized - sorry, already threw it out so I can't check ounces) you're going to want to up the avocado.

Having successfully made my first batch of guac, I decided to take the pit and grow my own avocado tree.  Ben and I are in desperate need of plants in our apartment, so why not give it a try?  Unfortunately, after much searching, I was unable to find toothpicks to hold up the pit so I went with forks instead.  It is working quite well at the moment, but on our next grocery run toothpicks may be on the menu.  I am usually pretty good at killing plants, so my hopes are not high for this pit, BUT fingers crossed.

While Ben is at school working on getting his room in order and figuring out things for the year, I am working on the job hunt.  I have sent my resume to three different firms, although none of them listed any current availabilities.  One of the teachers Ben works with also got me in contact with an attorney in Dubai and I have emailed back and forth with him a bit hoping for a job opening.  He passed my resume onto HR, so here's hoping! Ben has five days until he starts school so I would very much like a job to fill my time and our bank account!

Another good thing about getting a job - aside from stimulating my mind and $ - is the potential to go through my employer for my Visa.  Yesterday Ben and I made a trip to talk with one of the women who makes the Visas happen at his school and she informed us that we need an attested copy of our marriage license.  It has to be attested by the U.S. AND by the U.A.E.  ALL the research I did when looking into being sponsored by Ben said we needed a certified copy of our marriage license - which we have and brought with us.  This is a new snag that we are working to figure out.  We will have to go to the U.S. Consulate and have them attest the marriage license, then go to the U.A.E. people who do their thing, then we can go back to this lady and have her send in our paperwork.  This may not seem like such a horrible process, except it takes 10 years to do one simple thing here.  What I just described is an all day, if not two day, excursion to complete JUST to obtain the attestations.  Oye.... So, needless to say, it would be a bit less of a headache to have a Visa through employment.  We'll see how the dice roll.