Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Life As Of Now

There has not been a whole lot to report that has happened in our lives.  The few things that have happened are that Ben has started one of his masters courses which will last until Saturday.  It consumes much of his time.  He leaves for work at 6:45 a.m., goes to class after work and returns home around 8:45 p.m.  It is exhausting for him and it doesn't help that he has developed a bit of a "man cold".  If you do not know, a "man cold"is a cold that a man is miserable with and a woman would be just fine.  :)  We are women - hear us roar! 

I have had a bit of luck and potentially have been offered a job.  I say potentially because they are hesitant to hire me, I think, because this job is not "in my field".  I would be working as an assistant librarian/resource manager at Ben's school.  The pay would be horrible, but I'd have the same hours as Ben, maybe the same breaks (tbd), health insurance (tbd) and my residency visa.   I plan to return to school and become a teacher so this experience will also add to my resume.  After discussion with Ben, we decided it would be smart to take the job.  It is better than no money coming in and it will occupy my day.  While I love spending the whole day watching Grey's Anatomy (my life currently. . . not kidding), I would prefer something a bit more productive and that would allow me to feel as though I am contributing something.  Also, I doubt that any law firm would wish to hire me since we will be returning to the States in July.  There is a lot of time and work that goes into training someone in a law firm and I would feel guilty lying about how long we were staying to obtain a job because I know the stress of having turn over in a law firm.  It sucks.  So, as long as they will have me, I will accept the job at Ben's school and hopefully can negotiate a bit more pay. 

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, Ben and I have made the decision to return to the States at the end of this school year!  We have put much thought into this and we think it is what is best for us.  We have not decided where we will be for sure, but are aiming for the Midwest.  We want to be close to family and friends and have all four seasons.  Keep your ears open for any music instructor positions that might become available!  Ben is looking for elementary!!  Same for any paralegal/legal assistant jobs!  Although I thought I disliked it at the time, I wouldn't mind being in another firm that does family law.  I really am not picky though.  We are excited about our decision, but we will miss the friends we have made here.  Life would be so much easier if everyone could just move where we do.  :)