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Is it a bird, plane or Superman?

April 3, 2013
Skydive Dubai, U.A.E.

O. My. Gosh. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! Anytime I talk about it or think about it I can't stop smiling! This was the big event we had planned for our spring break stay-cation.  It was also something we had been wanting to do for quite a while.  After arriving at Skydive Dubai and getting checked in, we met with our perspective people who we would strap our lives to.  As it turned out, both of our guys learned how to skydive in the military and loved it so much that they continued it as a career.  Talk about an amazing job!  How could that EVER get boring?!

Ben and Joe before boarding the plane.

Ed and me inside Skydive Dubai getting suited up!

To our surprise, we didn't have a mini-session of how not to die or anything like that.  We were merely given simple instructions on body placement and a walk-through of how things would work once we hurled our bodies out of the plane.  Once we were suited up and given instructions, we piled onto a golf cart and went to catch our plane!  

All set and ready to dive!
Once we boarded the plane it seemed as though it took forever to get to where we could finally jump! I was shockingly not nervous, scared or anxious at all.  I was completely excited and grinning from ear-to-ear.  Ben can tell you that he was a little nervous, but as soon as you jumped out of the plane all of that went away.  

Getting ready to board the plane!
Getting ready to board the plane!

Joe & Ben

Ed & me
Our guys had different approaches to how we were to jump out of the plane.  Ben was more forward, facing out, knees together, feet on the ground.  I was facing more sideways and had my legs together, back and bent.  All of my weight was on Ed.  I'm sure that all has something to do with the fact that Ben is a tree, but it was one thing I did find interesting about our jumps.

Our photographers went out before us and grabbed on to the plane so they could catch our reaction as we were going.  I cannot speak for Ben, but as soon as we jumped out of the plane I was laughing and yelling and loving every bit of the experience!  

What hit me right away was the pressure of the air as we were falling and the distinctive taste of salt water.  It makes sense since we were jumping over the sea, but I was not expecting that. It burned your sinuses a smidge, but wasn't uncomfortable or anything. Ben has commented that he noticed how loud it was right away.  You are falling and have the air rushing around you and you couldn't hear anything.  Even your own voice.  I could vaguely hear myself yelling, but barely.

My experience:

Ben's experience:

Ben's fave because you can see the curvature of the Earth as well as what remains of the World Islands.

It is interesting to hear what Ben and I both have to say about our time spent hovering above the earth.  He took in his surroundings and made observations about what was going on below him.  I was all like, "I'M FLYYYYYYYYINGGGGGGGG!  WOOOOOOO!" and noticed almost none of the things he did.  I guess that is fairly typical.  He is more analytical in his thinking and taking in of things than I am.  I am more like skipping through Candy Land.  

I desperately want to go again before we leave Dubai.  Hopefully with a bit of luck and good fortune (literally, fortune), we can make the jump one more time before heading back to the States.  If all else fails, we plan to make the jump again when we go to Hawaii in 2015!  Better get ready for some heavy peer pressuring to go with us, family!

Below are our videos!!!!  I cannot watch them without smiling and giggling like a fool!

See Ben's here.  For some reason Blogger/YouTube will not let me pull up Ben's video to post as it did mine.
[Audio may not be working on the videos.  YouTube has claimed copyright issues with the songs Skydive Dubai used to make everything schnazzy.  I am not pleased.  Therefore, when I get a chance, I will try and upload these directly to Blogger!  OR you'll just have to make it a point to come to our casa when we are back and watch the DVDs with us!]

I already look forward to when we can go again!!!!!!!

P.s.  The nerdy Hawkeye fan in me made sure to get in the next set of photographs. I spelled out I-O-W-A with my hands which is part of a cheer.  :)

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