Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Travels of Le Pooch

Be prepared for crazy dog lady to surface in this post.

My darling Grover made his way to Dubai to live with Ben and I during our time here.  We arranged with two services, one in Dubai and one in the US, to let us know what we need to do and to get things ready so Grover can make it safe and sound.  Well, success!  Ben and I were both very pleased with the companies we worked with, despite the cost, and Grover is here and snuggling next to me at this very moment. 

We had to jump through quite a few hoops to get Grovie here.  Mostly multiple trips to the vet and a trip to Des Moines to get a signature and seal from the USDA saying Grover is ok to fly.  With the Help of Animal Land Pet Movers and Dubai Kennel & Cattery things went very smoothly.  Ben and I made a trip to Chicago to drop Grover off with an agent of Animal Land Pet Movers who would take Grover to the airport and get him checked in.  Animal Land had arranged everything for us, i.e. the flight, so it was a very smooth process.  We were sent text and email verifications at Grover's every stop.  He flew from Chicago to Amsterdam where he made a stop at the Pet Hotel and was taken out of his kennel and had his water and food refreshed.  He arrived in Dubai safely where the DKC picked him up and boarded him for a couple of days. 

When Ben and I arrived in Dubai, it was too late to get Grover.  The DKC was kind enough to deliver him to our apartment the next morning.  We met the guy in the lobby and Grover was SO excited!  He was whining because he wanted out of his cage to greet us.  When we got him upstairs and opened his kennel door, he was so excited he peed a little.  Oops.  Luckily we have tile flooring.  :)

Shortly after Grover's arrival to the apartment.

Since his arrival, he has been doing pretty well.  He does have The Big D, which is rather unfortunate for both him and us, but we're working through it.  The time change doesn't seem to affect him much, although he wakes up around 4:00 a.m. and needs to go out.  He has warmed up to Ben quite nicely, which is a big thing because he is a bit of an asshole.  He even snuggled with Ben most of last night. 

Grover is used to getting walked for at least a mile everyday, so he has had some extra energy.  Ben and I took him for a walk a couple days ago when it was about 109 degrees.  He was quite the trooper although he was ready to nap on the cold tile floor when we got back.  I bet he's glad we got him groomed before we left the States!!

Speaking of grooming, here is a couple videos of Grover getting groomed.  He is such a baby sometimes....