Friday, August 10, 2012

Serious Jet Lag

I am currently suffering from a pretty serious case of jet lag and am using the time to catch up on my social networking.  Great use of time, right?

Ben is lucky and is in dreamland, although he has had a cough since we left the states which has continued to get worse.  It wakes him up at night and keeps him tossing and turning but he claims it is getting better.  Hopefully.

Our travel to Dubai really wasn't all that horrible.  We got to the Cedar Rapids Airport fairly early so we had plenty of time to check our bags before our flight was scheduled to leave (3:30 p.m. ish).  Ben had packed lightly for his visits to the states, so I took up most of the suitcase room.  We had 4 suitcase and 3 carry ons.  Both of our large suitcases weighed about 7lbs too much, combined, so Ben's dad, Bill, grabbed an airport bag and we threw some things from the overweight suitcases in.  (I later noticed in London that Ben had strapped two of my portable reusable grocery bags to his backpack.  DUH moment.)  After checking our suitcases and going through TSA, we had to say goodbye to our parents.  I was surprised at how much I DIDN'T cry.  Yes, I was incredibly sad, but I was able to hold it together which I think was good for Ma.  I can't imagine how Ben did this the first time he went over to Dubai with no one there - I was very grateful to have my loving husband to make me feel better while waiting for the plane.

Once in the airport and to our gate, we found out we would have about a 2.5/3 hour delay.  There had been a pretty epic storm prior to our arrival in Cedar Rapids that was headed towards Chicago, which was the cause of the delay.  When we arrived in Chicago (only a 35 min. flight from CR to CHI!) we found our gate and grabbed some McDonalds (lack of options).  The plane arrived to take us to London, but we were delayed two hours for maintenance.  This delay would cause us to miss our flight in London to Dubai, so Ben talked to the airport rescheduling people while I grabbed a couple complimentary meal vouchers and grabbed coffee.  When we finally did take off for London, we hit the jackpot on seats.  We were in two seats that were at the end of the column so we could lean our seats back and not worry about ticking off someone behind us.  Glorious.  I didn't sleep very well on the flight, but Ben was able to.

When we touched down in London, there were two ladies at the end of the jet way who had tickets ready for us to go to Dubai.  We previously were led to believe we would have an 8 hour layover in London, but NOPE!  We were upgraded to the Emirates Airline and only had to wait a couple of hours.  They gave us a couple more meal vouchers and we grabbed more coffee and waited it out.  We boarded and headed off for Dubai, where we landed, got through customs and grabbed our luggage (ALL THERE!).  It was then off the apartment to pass out. 

We were really lucky in our travels.  We had seats together on each flight, only had to pay for one meal the whole time, and were able to pass on our extra meal vouchers on to other people.