Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mrs. MopeyPants

I have had trouble finding something fun and interesting to post the past few days.  I have come to the conclusion that this is because I am beginning to feel the first pangs of homesickness.  So far this has felt much like I'm on a vacation - including the month of July which I was job-free throughout but still in the States.  This morning I called my loving mother and talked to her for about a half and hour.  It was wonderful to hear her voice and talk to her like I would if I were still in Iowa City.  After we got off the phone I started thinking about all the things I missed (great idea, I know), and realized that despite my best efforts, I am succumbing to stupid homesickness.  I was determined to avoid this....

I miss:

My awesome friends!
My bed
My couch
My condo
Carpet (are apartment here is all tile)
My vehicle
Stuffed crust pizza

Most of all, I miss my mom.  This morning reminded me, after draining all of the money Ben had put on my phone yesterday (it is pay as you go), that I can't talk to my mom as much as I'd like.  We would text and talk on the phone at least once a day when I was in IC.  I miss getting/initiating phone calls to brag about getting an iced coffee or to complain about silly things and laugh together.  Ma even mentioned the first week I was here she missed having a text when she would go to break at work.  I sure do love that woman.

On a happier note, things are going well with Ben and me.  On his first day officially back to school I made supper in our new crock pot for him, Casey, Naomi and David.  It was beef stroganoff (I know - gross, right?), but I added a different few things to it to make it tasty.  I even made my very own egg noodles since they were unavailable at the store.  Unfortunately they didn't dry in time so I'll have to use them later.  For dessert I whipped up some chocolate chip cookies that were rather delicious.  I spent the whole first day of Ben being out cooking.  It was quite enjoyable.  Everyone seemed to enjoy supper, so I think it all must have tasted ok!

I have applied for a few jobs and am hoping to hear back from somewhere.  A couple people Ben works with have also been very helpful and telling me of openings or requesting my CV to pass on.  If I don't find something within the next couple of weeks, I think I'm going to take my mother-in-law's sound advice of volunteering at Ben's school.  I am enjoying the Holly Housewife thing right now, but I think I'll tire of it shortly. 

I am already starting to put together my birthday/Christmas list to give to Ma.  I have also started putting together ideas for gifts for people at home.  There are so many neat things here that would make unique gifts.  I was recently given a small bottle of Arabic perfume and it is fantastic!  It lasts longer than regular perfume, too, because it has a higher concentration of the oil.  It is rather inexpensive as well, so that's a plus.  I went to the Dragon Mart with Naomi last week and they had some interesting things that would make great gifts (for me and others!).  The Dragon Mart is like a huge indoor flea market but they are actually set up stores instead of just booths.  That is where I got our crock pot!  There is so much in there that it is kind of overwhelming, but I am excited to go back once I do have an income and get a few things for our apartment. make me feel a bit more at home I am going to throw in Harry Potter and paint my nails.