Friday, June 2, 2017

Oy vey!

Our lives have been a ridiculous roller coaster of stress the last six months. Working on getting the house sold, finding an apartment, finding Ben a job, and financial planning is enough to drive a person mad. I think that the month between the end of work and beginning of law school will be a much needed break to relax and rein in my anxiety. 

Throughout this process we have hit bump after bump. The theme to the past 6 months has been "whatever can go wrong, will." Everyone keeps telling me that it will all work out in the end. Well, yeah, but they aren't the ones who have to sacrifice their bank accounts in the meantime. Oy vey.

Despite how it may sound, Ben and I have both remained positive and are taking everything in stride. There have been a couple glimmers of relief in the past week or so, and if those would just pan out we would be able to breathe easy for a while. Fingers crossed!

As I reflect on the past few months and what is in the very near future, I am reminded how blessed I am to be married to a man as wonderful as Ben. He has been nothing but supportive of my decision to go to law school. He has agreed to quit his job, move to another state, and support us financially as I pursue my degree. He does not do this begrudgingly or expect "repayment". His love and support still amazes me. 

Of course, I have offered a form of "repayment". If/when Ben decides to pursue his Ph.D., I will offer him the same deal he is offering me. He just has to wait a few years. In anticipation of his future endeavors, he is using this time to discover ways in which he can gain experience a knowledge that will benefit him in the long run. 

We have less than a month until we can move into our apartment in St. Paul. We have a lot to do between now and then. We are looking forward to this next chapter!