Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1st Christmas as Mr & Mrs

Sweet Grovie waiting for his presents!  Middle stocking is his.  
The holidays made me get a bit behind on blogging.  Since we were in Germany for Christmas Day, Ben and I had our own little Christmas celebration before we left.  We listened to music, opened presents and enjoyed delicious food.  This year we decided to give each other a couple small gifts and save our money for Germany where we could choose things we like together.  That in mind, I picked up a new dress shirt from Ben's favorite store, some comfy pants and Skittles.  I think he was pleased.  

Ben put a lot of thought into what to get for me and went with dirt.  Yay!!  But seriously, I have been growing an avocado pit and needed to pot it as well as another viney plant that needed potted.  So equipped with pots, dirt, seeds AND a super cool green watering can, I can now pot my plants! He also picked up a decorative copy of the U.A.E.'s currency and sand camel jar thing which I love!!  Husband did gooood.  Grover got a few treats as well.  He enjoyed fishing them out of his stocking.  He literally had his whole head IN the stocking.  It was hilarious and of course we didn't capture it on camera. . . 

After reflecting on our first Christmas together as husband and wife, we decided to start a few traditions.  Each year we plan to get a new ornament at some point during the year, date it and have a tree (eventually) full of our years together.  We really enjoyed having our very own little Christmas and no matter where we end up, we plan to do that in the comfort of our home before traveling to meet family.  On that night we plan to cook supper together, enjoy a glass or two of wine and listen to Christmas music/watch Love Actually.  During the day - COOKIES!!!

Looking forward to many years to come!!

P.s. Thank you to Keith and Jamie for your amazing gifts! Thanks to our wonderful parents as well!

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