Monday, January 7, 2013

Small Tidbits

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Sunday I had mascara under my eyes and no one told me about it. It was there all. day. Do I really look that tired that the mascara could be mistaken for giant bags under my eyes? Yikes. . .

Also on Sunday while trying to re-ink my stamper thing the ink bottle exploded and my skin is still stained. Awesome.

Yesterday I was walking around the entire day with dried coffee on my nose which no one told me about.  Ben pointed it out when I went to his classroom to meet up before going home.  Fantastic.

Today I forgot to put on make up and was told I look tired multiple times.  Apparently my real face is haggard and scary and I should never leave the house without make up again. 

Aside from being a hot mess this week, things are great! I have finally adjusted back to Dubai time from Germany time (yes, it took this long. . . ) and am able to fall asleep at a decent hour.  Things are stressful at school this week because the school is being evaluated, but teachers have been working hard to prepare and hopefully all goes well.  I did speak with one of the female inspectors today.  Please see below for our stimulating conversation:

IL = Inspector Lady   LJ = self explanatory

IL:  Good morning!  Are you the Librarian?
LJ:  Good morning!  No, I am not.  She doesn't come in until 9 a.m. if you'd like to try back then.
IL:  O, ok.  Thank you.

IL turns to leave, stops and turns back,

IL:  . . . Are you a student?
. . .  

My goal for this weekend is to get posts up with pictures/videos from Ben's xmas concerts, some of Germany and a video or two of randomness that we captured in our everyday life.  Look for those soon!

Side note:  I was in the library at school when the janitor/maintenance man's cell phone rang.  His ring tone was My Heart Will Go On.  LOVE it!