Tuesday, January 22, 2013


There are many things in Dubai that can make your jaw drop and/or make you feel you are living in a completely different world.  A whole new world filled with lots of shiny, pretty things that still surprise this small town girl.  

Vehicle in the 41th (joke) U.A.E. National Day
December 2, 2012

(No idea why I can't get rid of this space ^ )
I have gotten used to expecting extravagance in everything around me, although I am still shocked by it at times, and was thrilled when I became a part of that extravagance.  Since the world didn't end on the December 21st, we celebrated Dubai style with our fellow colleagues.  The event was held at Atlantis on the Palm Jumeirah.  (The Palm is a man-made island if you hadn't heard of it.) We were picked up in a redneck limo (school bus) and arrived safely at our venue.  It was a bit chilly and windy, so we were happy to find that the event had been moved indoors.  

Front entrance.
When you walked around the back of the building, there were heat lamps and fancy cocktail tables set up, as well as pretty Chinese lanterns and the ocean was a few steps away.  We were greeted with fresh juice or beer before even entering the building.  Ben was asked his age - hilarious.  When we got inside I was floored with how gorgeous it was. 

Front entrance hall.  
Is this for work or a fancy-pants wedding? !!!

After I recovered from my initial shock, I grabbed a glass of wine and socialized.  You had to be careful with alcohol because the servers would walk around and refill your glass without you noticing.  The food was ok, desserts were tasty and the company was fantastic!

Ben was trying to keep his booze out of the picture.  Fail.

I understand that in larger cities in the U.S. this may be a regular thing to be expected each year from employers, but this isn't what I normally expect!!  They also gave away lap tops, a 3D tv, mini iPads, smart phones, and gift certificates.  Not too shabby. . . Apparently they have another one of these shindigz at the end of the year so I am excited to see if it can match/top this one! 

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