Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This past week in a nutshell

I feel as though much has gone on in the past week and I have not been loyal about updating the blog.  Sorry. 

The work week in Dubai is from Sunday to Thursday, so last Thursday after our main groups first week of work, we decided to have a chill night of staying in, playing games and enjoying a drink or two.  There was much talk of going out, but when Ben came home and automatically passed out for an hour, I didn't foresee us going out.  I had been feeling particularly homesick during the day and poor Ben had to put up with my mopey, crying self when he awoke from his nap.  To make it seem more like "home", we took the bus to Ibn Battuta (the closest mall that houses our grocery store) and grabbed some delicious McDonald's.  Casey, Naomi and David came over shortly after we returned home and we ended up playing SkipBo and Uno.  We made the decision that Friday night would be our night to go out on the town.

Strawberry Shisha
Friday was fairly lazy and Ben and I accomplished a lot of reading.  That evening I thought it would be fun to go bowling, so I coordinated with Naomi and the five of us went to Ibn Battuta for bowling.  Afterwards we went back to the K's apartment for a drink and so Naomi and I could change.  We then made our way down to the Madinat where we sat outside at one of the bars, smoked shisha (hookah - my first time!) and sweat about half of our body weight!  We were going to meet up with a few others that everyone worked with, but they were at a bar that was charging roughly $30 for guys to get in.  Great city to be a lady!  We would have been let in for free!

On Saturday I woke up bright and early to go with Naomi to meet Sue (another woman that Ben works with) for breakfast.  We ended up going to this little place called Shakespeare's and holy cow was it CUTE!  Very frilly and girly and the food was yummy!  I had eggs benedict - which was tasty - and for the three of us to eat it came to $40.  Not too shabby!  After breakfast/lunch, Naomi and I made our way to Mall of the Emirates to look around.  It was date night for Ben and me, so when I got home I hurried to get ready and we went to the movies to see Total Recall.  The movie theater was AWESOME.  The seats were huge and reclined and the popcorn was delicious!  You could mix regular movie popcorn with caramel popcorn!  After the movie we came home, Ben chatted with his parents and then it was off to bed.

This work week was been stressful for Ben with getting ready for the kids to start school.  I have continued the job search and have high hopes that I am going to find something soon!  I have made a couple of connections that seem to be semi-promising as well as signing up for a website that allows you to apply for various jobs through it.  Yesterday I went to a friend's house for lunch and we lounged in the pool for the afternoon. After returning home, I showered and headed over to Naomi's and the guys came over to our place for girls/guys nights.  We ordered pizza and chatted at the girls night and the guys ordered sandwiches and did whatever guys do.  I was quite surprised to walk in and NOT see them playing Call of Duty.  I think their first day of having students wore them out!

Today I have continued the job search online and am putting together a menu for the next week-ish and running to the store. 

O!!!!!  The other night for supper I made HOMEMADE BISCUITS and gravy.  That's right, HOMEMADE BISCUITS!   Holy bajeezes they were AWESOME!  I had never made my own biscuits so I am very, very, VERY proud of myself!!  They were very southern style tasting.  Ben and I finished them off in a day and now I'm looking for online recipes to use with those biscuits so I have an excuse to make them again!

Anyway, menu is made and I'm heading to the store!  I apologize for not having many pictures of Dubai - I was smart enough to bring my camera overseas but dumb enough to leave my charger.  Eff.  Hopefully this problem will be remedied soon!!