Thursday, February 14, 2013

Night Brunch Excitingness

I have officially had my first brunch experience in Dubai!  If you ever visit here, it is a MUST DO.  It has been on my Dubai bucket list for a time and the experience was fantastic! 

You may be questioning my intelligence when you read 'Night Brunch'.  Don't.  That is correct.  A 'brunch' at night.  Brunch here doesn't necessarily refer to the meal between breakfast and lunch, but is associated with bottomless booze and huge buffets of all kinds of deliciousness.  Brunches can range anywhere from $30 to $150+.  We had coups for the one we went to, so it ended up being very reasonable.

Going to a brunch is a good excuse to get dolled up.  I didn't go all out and fancy in dress, but I did play around with my hair and ended up with this masterpiece (-->).  NO I did not get the idea off of Pinterest or whatever.  I just started pinning crap everywhere and this is how it turned out.  My mother can attest to the fact that I can somehow churn out pretty hair from nowhere.  I was the girl that for fun on a Saturday morning I would play with my hair.  That started around 4th grade?  I still do it.  Seriously.
(Sorry for the explosion of girliness.)

We set out for a night on the town and were dazzled by the hotel where the brunch was taking place.  It was absolutely beautiful and we weren't expecting it.

Getting ready to go!


When we walked in we saw two large camels and I, of course, wanted a picture.  There was a guy there who was dressed up to take pictures with guests and the camel and he got a little excited and took like a bajillion pictures. . . I also pretended to kiss the camel in one of the pictures and he tried to get me to come closer to the camel, wiping its mouth with his sleeve and claiming, "Clean, clean!".  No, sir.  Not clean. 

It's Lurrrve. .. 

Camel, me, Camel Man
Camel Man insisted on taking our photo.

When we escaped Camel Man, we found the restaurant and were greeted with champagne flutes of sparkling wine.  When we were seated they poured us another glass of wine and took our drink order.  We ventured to the food area where we found a cart full of raw meat.  You selected what you wanted and handed it to the chef to cook.  Friggin' awesome deliciousness! They also had a huge chocolate fountain with all sorts of goodness to dip, a wall of cakes and other sweets, a pancake bar, an Arabic food station, and much more. 

Our reason for celebration!
Rachel, Jordan, Karen & Casey
Beautiful friends to celebrate with!
Julie, Jordan, Naomi, me & Jessi

Me & David
(Yes, I know that is not grammatically correct.)
The night progressed with good food, good drinks and great company.  We were celebrating the births of  4 February baby friends so there was plenty of merriment.  I discovered a new drink that I luh - vodka, soda water & lime juice.  REAL lime juice - not concentrate.  It is tart and yummy.  It makes me make this face ----------->

Our night ended with a cab ride home and a sick husband.  We were so tired from the long week that we both passed out as soon as our heads hit the pillows. 

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