Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where in the world. . . ?

I just couldn't stop giggling. . .

Ben and I are currently facing the question, 'Where do we go?'.  Since we can only learn so much from the internet, we are asking you for your suggestions!  Where should we look to live when we return to the States?
We both want something/somewhere new that we can make our own adventure.  We want to go somewhere that has much to offer for couples our age, treats their teachers well and has many, many opportunities for outdoor fun!! 
We currently are only going off what we already know.  Ben has applied to places in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado.  My personal preferences are currently Minnesota or Colorado, or somewhere else that would fill my ever-present want/need to go kayaking/canoeing.  I really am keeping an open mind despite my current preferences.  What will ultimately be the deciding factor is where Ben lands a job.
Where can we live that offers:
1.  Decent paying jobs and good schools.
2.  Plenty of opportunities to be outdoors! Kayaking, canoing, hiking, biking, rock climbing, etc.
3.  A fantastic sense of community or a way to nudge our way into one.
4.  Any kind of performances.  Plays, coffee shop bands, whatever.  We love them all.  One of my favorite things in summer are outdoor concert series. Know anywhere good for those?! :)
5.  Affordable living. 
6.  Somewhere that will get us excited about healthy living.  I luh amazing yoga studios!  Especially hot yoga.  Also, maybe a co-op or Whole Foods or some place that has a large selection of organic deliciousness. Or a baller farmers market!
7.  Somewhere that encourages people to be 'green'.  We want to recycle!  (No recycling system set up for us here in Dubai. . . I believe they have some places that do recycling, but it isn't as developed as the States.)
8.  Dog parks!

9.  A low crime rate is preferable.

10. Opportunities for young couples.

This list is not in any specific order and I could absolutely continue adding things.  These are just some of the first things that popped into my head.  I left out some of the obvious things such as proximity to family/friends or easy access to them because most of you ARE family or friends so I figured you'd likely try and lobby for where you are or close by. 

SO, let us know what you think! Positives and negatives are welcome.  You can either message one of us on Facebook or message us on here.  We look forward to hearing from you!
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