Monday, February 25, 2013

Excitement for the Future!

I have been feeling a lot like this lately. . .

so to shake my funk, I am going to share a few things coming up that I am excited for!

1.  I have had that picture (^) saved on my computer for nearly a month and I FINALLY found a way to drop it on the blog.  Woooo hooo!  It's just so funny. . . Seriously, look at it.  How are you not smiling at her pain?

2.  Ben's birthday!!  We are going to do something small with our little Dubai family for his big day, then treat ourselves to a day/night spent on the World Island's where we will camp, play games and enjoy the company of our co-workers/friends.  We will likely go to Cucina for supper on his bday which is our fave. You choose which dead fish looks good to you and they cook it.  FRESH dead fish.  It's delicious.

3.  For spring break we have decided to stay in the U.A.E.  Ben has two classes coming up and property taxes are due, so we are going to be responsible.  Boo.  BUT we are going to do some friggin' awesome things!  Most exciting? SKYDIVING OVER THE PALM! We'll also do a romantic date night by going on a dhow cruise, enjoy plenty of time on the beach and maybe throw in a dessert safari!

4.  Since figuring out that I luh being a paralegal, I have looked into what bachelor's program would be my best option.  I'm thinking that a bachelor's in criminal justice would make the most sense and have started looking into it.  I have been in contact with someone at Grand Canyon University and they are currently doing a degree eval so that I can figure out what I'll need to complete and how long it will take.  I think I should have all my gen eds done (I DO have 90+ credits. . . ) and hopefully can jump right into the fun stuff! I was looking at the course list and everything looked AMAZING.  I am excited to start classes in the fall (online)!

5.  Ben and I are going to paint pottery this weekend.  No need to steal one of his man cards. . . Painting pottery is manly.  AND he may be doing it just to humor me.  :)  Therefore, he is working hard on keeping his wife happy which really means he should get like a bajillion man cards.  He is my favorite. :)

6.  While we do not know where we will land in the States, I am excited to come home and settle in! I am a huge nester, so I am already looking into different apartments in the areas Ben has applied to, as well as homes for sale to get an idea of what kind of house we can expect to be able to afford in the future.  I get most excited thinking about when we DO have our own home and the things we will be able to do!  I can't wait to decorate together - painting, furniture, wall decor.  I am excited to host friends and family at our home and have cute food and drinks for everyone.  I am excited for a yard for Grovie to roam free in and for us to have a fire pit to cozy up around and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

7.  My friends are growing up.  One is having a baby (WHICH I'LL BE HOME FOR!!), one is getting married, another is close to getting married. . . SO much to be excited for!!

8.  124 days until I see my family, friends and Ma!

And so much more! 

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