Saturday, February 16, 2013

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Offensive Neighbor Loses Fight

Court Upholds Finger-Flick Verdict

A man who was jailed for a month for raising his middle finger at his victim has lost his final appeal after taking his case to the UAE Supreme Court.  The accused spent 23 days in Al Watba prison in Abu Dhabi before he was released and began his campaign to clear his name.
However, the UAE's highest court said that he was guilty of a crime, which was intended to "cause scandal to the eyes" of the victim.  It said the original sentence would remain.
The defendant who committed the crime in Sharjah, is believed to have had a dispute with a neighbor, who complained that the man lifted his middle finger as they were arguing, a claim the defendant strong denied.
The crime occurred on January 22, 2012, when the accused "openly and flagrantly breached modest and morals" by raising the middle finger.  He was originally convicted in Sharjah Court of First Instance and the sentence was upheld by Sharjah Appeal Court.
The defendant appealed again tot he Supreme Court, arguing that he was convicted solely on the word of the victim and without the evidence of other witnesses as was required by law. 
However, the court found that there were other factors in the case and said the police and courts were entitled to look at all the circumstances.
7Days - UAE
February 17, 2013

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