Monday, April 1, 2013

From the Heart

So this may be a long shot, but I thought I would throw it out there anyway. . . 

At the end of this school year Ben and I plan to go through all of our belongings in Dubai to make the decision as to what we do or do not want to take with us back to the States.  An idea came to me to offer anything we did not want to take to the amazing Filipino women who work at our school.  In this country, Filipinos are close to the bottom of the food chain.  They are paid very minimally and expected to work incredibly hard for it.  Most of them are here because they are earning money to send home to support their families and do not get to enjoy the excitement of Dubai.  They just can't afford it. 

Back to my idea - I plan to wash any clothing Ben and I do not wish to keep and put together any household items that we are not taking home and offer them to the wonderful women we work with.  That being said, if you feel moved to donate anything, please feel free to package it up and send it to us!  It takes about a month or a little over to receive packages, so it would need to be done fairly soon.  I realize that this may not be something many people respond to, but I wanted to throw out the invitation out there anyway.

Our address:

Collegiate American School
Attn: Benjamin Jackson & Lyndsey Jackson
P.O. Box 121306
Umm Suqeim
Dubai, U.A.E.

Love to you all and see you soon!  

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