Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I am hoping that this post is my return to consistent blogging!  For the past month and a half we have been go, go, go and I am only just getting some time to sit out and put my thoughts together.  So much has happened in the month that I will divide it into different posts so that you don't have to read a novel to know what is going on in our lives.  

Our time in the States thus far has consisted of moving twice, trips to Minneapolis and Colorado, and trying to get our feet under us.  Since we have found a house (woot woot!), we are a bit more grounded than we were a week ago.  Thank goodness!  Ben has started working at the College Community School District in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  He will be teaching K-4 music and is very optimistic about the year to come.  I am currently on the job hunt and have a few possibilities that I am hoping pan out.  Fingers crossed!  Grover is adjusting to his new home beautifully and has laid claim to the yard.  His life is 'ruff'.  

In the next week or so, I hope to pump out a few posts about our trips and house hunting adventures.  I have fun Instagram photos to spice everything up since I now have an iPhone. I should basically be a famous photographer.  But isn't that the charm of Instagram?  This also depends on my computer to stop being an idiot.  Still working on that one.  

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