Monday, August 26, 2013

Sweet Summertime - Part 1: Homecoming

A serene morning prior to packing.
Since I have been unable to keep up with blogging the past couple of months, it seems the best way to share what we have been up to is to break things down into separate posts.  That also eliminates the potential for a novel sized post.

The little poop has missed this! I think he prefers Iowa to Dubai!
Ben and I arrived back in Iowa safely on the night of June 26th.  Our flights went fairly well, but customs and baggage claim in Dallas were horrible.  The line for passport control snaked around a million times and went fairly far out into the airport. Baggage claim was worse!  There were about 1,000 people all trying to find their baggage and forming about 4 lines that had to zipper into one.  Ben and I chose the wrong line and decided to squeeze in where we could.  Some guy said the line started way back where and our response was that we had been waiting an hour already and had notice people coming in after us getting in line and going through before us.  He was welcome to go ahead of us, but we weren't moving.  Sorry, dude.  We were in our 20th+ our of travel and we were over it.  When we finally made it to the airport in Cedar Rapids we were greeted by Ben's parents and my lovely mom!  We collected our baggage (sans Ben's golf clubs - boo) and headed to the condo in Iowa City.

Grover is happy to be home!
We were back, but not rest for us yet!  We had until July 1st to pack up the condo and move out.  Our gracious mothers had packed up a lot for us already so that made our job a bit easier.  Somehow we manage to get everything together and out in time and stored in our friends' garage.

Tuckered out from packing.
Now the search is on for a new home!
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