Sunday, May 26, 2013

The beginning of our final days in Dubai.

I generally post a couple times a week and have found it difficult recently to find anything 'exciting' to discuss. We have a lot going on, just nothing that stands alone as worthy to report. 

I guess that is not completely true. . .

Last week Ben had the talent show at school and it turned out wonderfully!!  The kids were so entertaining and they worked very hard to put on a good show! Ben had kids in his room everyday, at every break and after school practicing. Both Ben and the students put on an excellent show and truly have something they can be proud of. It has taken a lot of weight off of Ben's shoulders to have the talent show completed and a success. It was a stressful month for him in preparing for the big event.  He has also completed the KG spring concert and has a couple more to go before the end of June.  The last day for the kids is June 20th, and teacher's last day is June 24th.  So much to do before then!

The month of June will be our packing/getting rid of things month. I have already filled one suitcase with 'winter clothes' (in the States it would be more like fall clothes), and a few souvenirs interspersed between the clothing. I think the rest of my clothing will fit into one large suitcase and then we just need to pack in other things. I brought over a ton of DVD's, Ben has some books, the XBOX, golf clubs, shoes, etc. We're hoping we can fit our Dubai life into 4 large suitcases and 2 carry ons.

We should arrive back in the States on June 26th (purchasing our tickets TODAY!), at which time we will spend a day/night in the Iowa City condo just being. We have sold the condo and the closing date is July 2nd.  I want to just spend some time in the condo, not packing, and enjoy it as a goodbye. Then we will throw everything into boxes, pack it up and put it in storage for a month or so.  We have amazing friends in the area who have offered us a place to stay for a bit while we find our new home.  We have been checking out houses online and through our realtor and have a few we'd like to view out upon our return.

We did go to the Royal Moscow Ballet's performance of Swan Lake a couple weeks ago.  It was SO good! We were a little disappointed in the venue since it was essentially a warehouse with bleachers and a stage set up, but everything else was amazing! The performers danced beautifully and the orchestra played very well.  We didn't have people sitting right in front of us so we were able to stretch our legs.  We also had a great view of the stage and were able to get a couple really great pictures.

Other than that, we have been spending time with friends, enjoying our remaining time in Dubai.  I am excited to go home, but still stand by what I have said previously about being sad about not staying abroad. I try to remind myself that no matter where we are, there are always adventures to be had, new things to do and both Ben and I are eager to travel more, so we will not fall into a stagnant life. I'm excited for what is to come! 

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