Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ma :)

Ma & me on my wedding day.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you special women at there!  I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing mother!  I know everyone says that, but my mom really IS amazing. 
Helping me get ready for my wedding!
Here are some reasons why:
  • She always put my brother and me first. I was high maintenance. I wanted to be involved in a bajillion things and she always encouraged it.  Piano, volleyball, dance, gymnastics (which included competitions that took up multiple weekends), show choir, band, jazz band, flag/marching band, kids clinics, camps, etc. On top of that she wen on field trips with my school from elementary up through high school, she volunteered and helped at different events, she was an active member of the PTA, etc. This is all on top of working a full-time job with an hour each way commute every morning and evening. The weekends offered no respite.  There were competitions and performances which she never missed.  And on top of THAT she had to deal with cranky me at 3 a.m. putting rollers in my hair for show choir or just cranky me taking my frustrations out on her because I was stressed.  Poor Ma. . . Honestly, I don't know how she did it.  All of this junk + working + still making supper each night + maintaining her sanity? I only hope I can be that awesome.

  • Ma always made things fun for Shane and me. We would play games inside and out, she would take us to movies or to get ice cream, she would play Barbies with me and listen to me read. (Even when I had to ask her over and over what the word 'all' was.  It's a hard one, it is.)  She would take us on vacations every other year and put up with me whining about being hot.  I was a poor sport at Disney, I'll tell ya. . .
A car was far off and heading our way so Ma grabbed our hands and started running. 
The car drove by like a minute later and we just laughed.
  • Ma can always make me laugh. Shane, too.  If you get the three of us together it can be a bit ridiculous.  We might say one word and bust out laughing because of an inside joke we have.  She is also silly and spacey, much like me, and we laugh at our blond moments together. We also both laugh when people die in movies. Horrible, but whatever.
  • I can call my mom 4 times in one day (and have text here in between) and she will STILL pick up every call. I have literally called her to apologize for 'my crazy' before.
Yes. We are this nerdy.
  • She still spoils both Shane and me.  I don't like taco seasoning very well, so she will use salsa instead in the taco salad.  Shane likes cornflakes on top of the crazy potatoes, so she uses that instead of crackers. I like chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips and she will make a few for me.  Shane really likes lemon cake and she will make it for him. She spoils us with more than food, too, but those are the ones that the hubs comments on the most. :)

Ma doing a reading at my wedding.
  • She does sweet things to let you know she is thinking of you.  Maybe it is a nice text or phone call or a random card with a Starbucks gift card for a coffee on her. Or she calls you to let you know she is having your fave ice cream or coffee and to let you know it tastes real good. :)

This list is endless.
Ma has really aged well. :)

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