Monday, June 17, 2013

Why I Suck at Posting {for meow}

Grover's idea of helping me pack.
Due to high stress and exhaustion, I have really been slipping on pumping out mind blowing posts.  I apologize.  I am SO ready to just be on the plane to the States and know that things are settled in Dubai.  The stress preparing to move has caused a mountainous zit to appear on my forehead.  Seriously, you can probably see trees growing if you got close enough. . . 

Ben and I have been doing a solid job of getting everything packed/sold/donated.  We have 3 suitcases done and ready to go, one we are working on filling and our carry-ons are nearly done. Grover is taken care of and will be flying out on the 25th equipped with his very own puppy passport.  Cute, huh?

We will be stepping onto American soil on the 26th at 9:30 p.m.  We will be picking up phones on the 27th, so if we like you, please message us your number via Facebook or email.  I have lost my phone and with it all of my contact numbers in the States.  I'm so pleased.

We'll be seeing you.

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