Saturday, March 16, 2013

Café Céramique Date!

It is my belief that even though you're married you should continue to date your spouse.  So for something fun, different and inexpensive, I suggested we paint pottery!   I found this cute little place called Café Céramique where you can go for a meal and artsy-fartsy time.  It was beautiful out when we went, so we took a seat outside.  Once we had ordered a bite to eat, we picked out what we wanted to paint.  We both chose mugs and decided to do a 'his and her' type thing. Ben had the awesome idea to put on the mug how we prefer our coffee - him: black; me: honey and milk. We drew our preliminary designs while waiting for our meal.  We worked with our waiter to select our paint colors, he gave us some tips, and we let the creativity flow! 

When we were finished,  we turned in our masterpieces to be dried and fired. It was a fun day spent with the hubs and we both enjoyed doing something out of the norm!

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