Thursday, August 21, 2014

little bit of life

It has been nearly 2 MONTHS since I posted a "Coming Soon" post.  I guess I'm awesome on follow up. . . ha.

We have had such a busy summer with family/friends visiting our home or us visiting theirs, weddings, and other shenanigans, that my blogging has really fallen by the wayside.  I'm actually fairly disappointed in myself for this because I do very much enjoy writing posts.  It's a nice creative outlet and/or hobby.

Another time consumer this summer has been the sweet new updates for our home.  I finally feel like it is becoming ours instead of just . . . ours.  Our own personalities and such are coming out in our home and it makes it feel a bit more cozy.  We actually have BEDS to fill our spare bedrooms and have finished painting a large majority of the areas we wanted to change.  The challenge now is deciding where to hang things.  We patched all of the nail holes prior to painting, so driving a nail into the wall breaks my soul a bit.  Mistakes cannot be made and we need to know for sure we want something there FOREVER.  Maybe it isn't that serious. . . 

Speaking of decor, I recently had a yard sale and disposed of most of my Hobby Lobby style decorations.  Ben and I both agree that we want to decorate our home with things that are meaningful to us and not just pretty.  Or not pretty at all, but are full of meaning! So far we have hung a poster from the American Players Theater because that is where we went on our mini-honeymoon, and a pencil drawing of an old man without teeth in that looks strikingly like my Grampaw Sparrow.  As we save up a bit more money and get a few more things framed, our home will be a reflection of who we are and what we have done. I love it!

Once we have all of the house painted and things hung and what not, I will post before and after pictures.  It is already wowing when you see the transformation of just the living room! (I think).


(Plus I have some cute, gauzy white curtains hanging now - and no pictures sitting on the floor)
For life as of now, Ben has started his 2nd school year at Prairie Crest Elementary as their k-4 music teacher and I am staring my 2nd semester at Iowa AND I am no longer on probation for being a horrible student!!!  YAY!

Life is good.

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