Friday, March 22, 2013

So much time for activities!

Due to unfortunate water circumstances, we are stuck on dry land instead of doing our baller island camping trip this weekend.  There apparently is a threat of 8-10 foot swells which I am not keen on experiencing in a dhow boat.  Plus the thought of sea sickness or something of the sort ruining an amazing experience is a little off-putting.  We will reschedule and have our amazing trip in a month or so.  We previously thought it would be on the World Islands, but discovered it will actually be on Moon Island.  It is roughly a 4 hour boat ride to the island where we can swim, play beach games, snorkel, fish, take a sunset cruise and relax while having a supremely amazing time.  Ben and I are both incredibly disappointed about having to reschedule, but we also like the idea of living a little longer. Ben did point out that we could combine the thrills of 'The Perfect Storm' and 'Castaway' all in one weekend.  We do have previous crab hunting skills which would come in handy if we were marooned on an island. :)

Since spring break is nearly upon us and we have plenty of free time this weekend (boo!), we went ahead and finalized our plans for our time off! As mentioned previously, we are staying in Dubai since we have financial obligations that come before travel and we want to be responsible. Instead of pouting about our lack of ability to venture to another part of the world, we have decided to make the best of our spring break and fill it with all sorts of fun things.  Our Dubai Extravaganza will include:

March 31st - SkyTrail

'SkyTrail is a multi-faceted obstacle course that is suspended along the ceiling of the mall (13 meters above ground) that truly tests the physical and mental ability of the participants.  Located adjacent to an 8 meter climbing wall, SkyTrail can be accessed directly through an auto belay system or form the more adventurous, by climbing the wall.'
April 2nd - Sunset Camel Ride

  We will have a night of interacting with camels! We will have the opportunity to brush, pet and make friends with the camels prior to going on a sunset dessert ride. We also have the option of trying camel milk.  I hear it is disgusting, but I must try it at least once. 

April 3rd - SkyDive Dubai

We will be skydiving over the Palm! 

April 4th - Jamjar Painting

We have BOGO coups for a canvas painting session. We each will have a 36x48'' canvas to fill with our creativeness. 

April 7th - Stable Tour

We will do an early morning tour of the Dubai Equestrian Club stables.  Maybe we'll get to feed the horsies! 
The rest of our time will be spent either by the pool or on the beach.

Addendum: Due to unforeseen expenses and lack of funds, we only did the sunset camel ride and sky diving.  We also spent a TON of time at the pool, went out for supper with Ben's co-teacher and her husband and read a lot. Seriously - I read 5.5 books over spring break!  Success!
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