Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A post for post's sake.

As is evident from previous posts, my homesickness is a never-ending roller coaster ride.  I will be happy once the crazy train comes into sanity station, because it is just exhausting.  I really struggle to feel like myself in this country because the homesickness can be crippling.  It turns me into a crying, needy mess at times which is completely contradictory to my normal independent self.  Boo. [This paragraph was written a few days ago when I was feeling a little blue.]

On a brighter note, we have officially booked our skydiving experience!!  We will be flying through the air on April 3rd!! We are going through the company Skydive Dubai, which my mom made sure to remind me to check their mortality rate. She may or may not be a little nervous about us jumping out of an airplane.  :)  We also have our camping trip to the World Island's booked! (for the most part).  We will be doing that the 22nd and 23rd of this month, prior to spring break.
Fun things to look forward to this month!!  Can't wait!
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