Monday, December 17, 2012

'Tis the Season

 It is hard for me to believe that Christmas is just a week away.  I think the warm climate has something to do with it, but this year also seemed to pass in a blur.  It's crazy to look back on the year and see how many HUGE life changes occurred.  Ben and I got engaged, I quit my job, got married and moved to another country.  Big year.

My new look.  I think green is my color.
I am lacking in holiday spirit and I think a big part of that is being away from family. I miss my mom and hate that I can't be there to wake up on Christmas morning and have our delicious french toast casserole (a tradition we started a few years ago).  After our breakfast we normally open a few gifts together and listen to Christmas music.  The time we spend together is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  We also started a tradition of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters while opening our gifts and we each have a hat (my is a reindeer and hers is Santa).  Grover has a hat, too, but he doesn't keep it on very long.  Sometimes I make homemade hot chocolate with a candy cane garnish for the present opening as well.  If we're going to load ourselves up on calories we should go big or go home, right? 

I miss my dad.  We do our Christmas on Christmas Eve. Dad and I normally open our presents on the couch and he tries to find clever ways of wrapping my presents.  He is a good source to get the practical gifts.  For example, I normally ask for rock salt or things such as jumper cables or a shop vac.  One year he wrapped a few pieces of this square type salt and when I opened it he said it was candy.  The taste test proved it was definitely NOT candy.  After opening presents we generally tend to ride the snow mobile if there is snow.

I miss my brother.  We work out a time that Shane is free to come to Ma's and we have yummy eats and treats.  We usually play the game Boxers or Briefs and laugh until we cry.  The poor people who join us have to deal with the three of us laughing and them not really knowing why we think something is so funny. Popo Jijo knows why, though.

I miss Elyssa.  We usually celebrate Christmas with hot chocolate, Harry Potter and some sort of take out food. We are very classy.

I miss my in-laws.  I am excited to eventually celebrate Christmas with them and join in their Christmas traditions.

Despite missing everyone and feeling a bit homesick, there are things I am very thankful for and that bring cheer to the season.  I am thankful for my wonderful husband.  I am thankful we both have jobs and are able to travel for Christmas.  I am thankful for our "Dubai family" and the time we spend together.  I am very thankful that despite all of the horribleness we seem to hear about these days, that our families are all well and able to be together despite our absence.