Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Preparing to Apply to Law School

As you know, I am in the process of preparing to apply to law school.  On September 1st I can officially begin submitting applications! Yikes! Unfortunately, I was unable to take the June LSAT due to an amazing vacation in Hawaii, so I cannot take it until October 3rd, therefore must wait until I receive my score to submit my complete application. What you likely do not know, is that you have to use a special program to compile all the various components of your application and submit it to the schools electronically. (Note: this program costs $$, as does the LSAT, and your application to the school. Woof.) In that program, you can search for schools in a few different ways. One way, which I have found to be both a blessing and a curse, is by inputting your GPA and LSAT score. I am obviously guesstimating on the LSAT score (and am in no way trying to flatter myself with this number - generally sticking to the average for the time being) and am bumping my GPA up just a notch and seeing that I can at least get in SOMEWHERE potentially. That's exciting! To an extent. . . 

I am not ashamed to say that I have a terrible GPA. [LIES - I am ashamed.] Currently, I believe it is at a 2.72 or something. I have a couple of F's that I am going to do the second grade option at the University of Iowa and that should bump it up just a bit. My goal is a 3.0 when I walk the stage. Or at least close to it. That being what it is, I absolutely MUST do well on my LSAT in order to have an inkling of a chance to be admitted to Iowa's law school. According to that wonderful program mentioned above, when I enter my GPA at a 2.92 with an LSAT score of 155, I have 0% chance of being admitted. I don't care. I'm still going to apply. 

If you have talked to me at all, you would have picked up on the fact that I was leaning towards the University of Memphis. For their in-state tuition, it is approximately $18k/year. To receive this fantabulous in-state tuition rate, you just have to buy a house.  After finding out that tidbit of information, I scoured and found out that real estate in Memphis is even more affordable than Cedar Rapids! With further research, I realized why. . . Memphis has the 2nd highest crime rate in the U.S. Proof that nothing can be all sunshine and rainbows.  So back to the drawing board!

*This weekend I had a conversation with my brother-in-law, Keith, and he made an excellent point. Wherever I choose to go is going to change my life. It will effect the friends I have, where I will live, where I might live and practice after school, etc. His point - don't base you decision strictly on cost of tuition. There are so many other things to consider! I hadn't really considered this aspect in my selection process. He is absolutely right. This means absolutely no Texas. Sorry y'all. . . *

Iowa College of Law would be ideal. We wouldn't have to move, therefore would know that we had a steady paycheck and benefits coming from Ben. We wouldn't have to sell our house, search for new housing, and acquaint ourselves with a new city. All of those things sound exciting, but the stress of getting ready to lay down my life for 3 years to law school is intense and I worry about feeling overwhelmed. (Although it makes me giddy to think about moving somewhere new!) Plus, if I were to go to Iowa, I would be a true Hawkeye through-and-through! Not to mention Iowa is the 22nd top law school in the country, so I'd have a fairly competitive resume. And all of the attorneys I have worked for have gone there and they are very well respected in their various fields. I want to be that!

I fully expect rejection from Iowa, but am going to do everything I can to weasel my way into their school! I will also be applying to schools in Minneapolis, Denver, Omaha, Tennessee and Kentucky. Maybe Virginia. Maybe Georgia or the Carolina's. Maybe Virginia. TBD.

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